Everything That’s Wrong with Healthcare Gov

This whole site was a huge diasater from what I heard. I don’t think anyone should take the blame except the people who actually programmed and developed the site. They needed to take in consideration just how many people need healthcare. Its not going to be a few hundred but millions of people looking at this site! The fact that there was 92 separate files and plug-ins with the 56 JavaScript files is a ton per one person and you’re going to be multiplying that by..a lot! The site is obviously going to overload and crash. I think they developed this site way too fast without thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong, and not double/triple/quadruple checking if things worked correctly or even made sense. The fact that they didn’t double check the third party privacy resending in the passwords its a huge mistake. Now all these people have your information. I think the government needs to rethink who their contractors are for a big project like this.


64-65: At first I thought I was on the giant Epcot ride in Disney World! But most of the space stuff mentioned in this video has already been achieved. I feel like this future stuff back then should have been taken into consideration more with our government because the video mentions all this great stuff about the ocean but now the ocean has nothing but garbage in it which is absolutely depressing to know that there is a way to solve pollution issues considering other countries have not so big issues as the US. I could go on for days. But my point is, we could use our brains a lot better now to come up with a better tomorrow. We don’t even have flying cars yet! I know its possible but no ones taken the time to create such a thing. I feel like each generation is getting lazier and lazier due to depending too much on technology and less thinking of ways to save earth while having creative ideas.

P.S the second video/article page could not be found and mentioned how the site has been cleaning up a bit and may have moved or been renamed, so I can’t blog about that one.

Grocery Store

With this phone scanning grocery store I see more negatives than positives due to the fact that if ALL grocery stores slowly became that way, I would have a super hard time knowing what I can and can’t buy. I have a TON of allergies: wheat,fish, lactose, apples, mangos, grapes, nuts, tree nuts, the list goes on. With this virtual grocery shopping I didn’t see any ingredients listed, unless it shows up after you scan it [?] So that’d be problematic for someone like me trying to do grocery shopping “quickly”. One of the positives is that it would create tons more jobs since there would have to be delivery drivers. Korea is a HUGE place with a ton of people and if a majority of those those people went to shop to get their groceries delivered, that’s going to create a mad rush for the employees and backup on the streets. Also you have no idea where that food is coming from. It could be from a nasty moldy factory for all you know.

The Future Video

I have so many mixed messages going on in my brain with this video. All the technology looks awesome yet I dislike how MUCH is all technical. Even the calendar was a touch screen! I’m afraid of what the world is going to become. Its creepy anyone can see what you look like and are from, from a Google search already. I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel knowing my bellhop guy at the hotel knows what I look like before I even get there. Before you know it, nothing is going to be realistic. Its going to all be pixelated. We’ll have fake projected trees or something. And there wont be a need for school since there’s that whole face to face and being able to learn on that book/tablet thing. With all this technology going on the human eyes are probably going to change over time since that’s all we look at now a days is a screen for hours on end. I remember 6+ years ago mom and dad would yell how being on the computer too long ruins your eyes. Now it doesn’t even phase parents.

MC Connect App

On my MC Connect application I made sure that there was Blackboard, MyMadisonCollege,Student E-mail, Directory, and Request Information. Blackboard is on the MC connect now but it’s further down the list. I’d imagine being someone going to school, the three things you use the most is the blackboard, mymadisoncollege, and e-mail. There was no need for that random purple social app which just directed you to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Youtube. I left in library, athletics, news, events, video, maps; renamed Madison College Locations, and emergency;which I renamed Emergency Contacts since it shows different emergency phone numbers. I also thought request information was important to have in case you wanted to view FAQ’s quick or even send a question to the school.  

Rest of “Don’t Make me Think” Chapters 8-12

Chapter 8: I agree that there is never going to be that one time that everyone agrees on the same one thing. Instead you need to compromise, maybe add only a few pulls downs and have one thing flash such as advertisements or big selling points. If you keep arguing back and forth the website is never going to get anywhere. 
Chapter 9: I agree that some people over think what they need in their website, so they forget the simple things and don’t realize it until it’s too late and they have mere minutes to complete their site.
Testing a website you have to think of every possible way something can go wrong. Can the user see this? Can they access that? Do  they need to be logged in for this? If you don’t test your site you’re going to find out the hard way that something doesn’t work-through the consumer. Every time you put it something that the customer has to click on or type in always make sure that it works before you move on to the next big thing.
I agree with not having someone such as a “non people person” and “office crank” to do your test. Odds are they’re not going to like anything and be super hard to please even though its blatantly obvious on how to work the website.
Chapter 10: When something goes wrong whether its an accident or some ruckus, you’re going to look for sources to see what exactly is going on and what caused it. It’s super frustrating say, when you don’t watch the new [like me] and you’re driving downtown and can’t go anywhere due to say a bike marathon or something. There was no signs [on the road] beforehand indicating that was going on so the first place you’re going to look is probably the news Facebook or website to see exactly what streets are closed off for that marathon. 
I agree that its super annoying when you have to fill out a form online and it doesn’t tell you whether you need to type in “-” or not and when you go to submit it yells at you how you have the wrong format. Well, if you had time to do that javascript in there for that error message I am pretty sure you had time to add those extra little dashes!
I absolutely hate it when I am on a site looking for something to buy to compare prices and no prices are listed! They just show all product and you have to click on the product then click a button to get the price, that’s a waste of time to me.
Chapter 11:  I thought that was a great idea how there was braille on the sign in the cab and with websites you need to be able to accept all ages and people who are going to probably need help guided through the whole page no matter how simple it really is. It kind of reminds me when I saw a braille sign on the ATM drive up…kinda of condescending to me, so make sure you’re not making yourself and your website look totally handicapped-make it accessible.
Chapter 12: I agree that with subscriptions and signing up for things they should exactly tell you what you will be getting. Especially at stores they always ask you for your phone number now a days and before you know it you’re getting a whole ton of junk in the mail just by giving your phone number! Its kind of ridiculous. 

How To Successfully Educate Your Clients On Web Development

Making websites for clients you have to be careful on what you say to them, not directly saying their idea sucks but redirect them “What do you think about…?” We’re the ones getting paid for putting together the website so we want our clients to be happy yet make sure the website isn’t hideous making sure people are impressed and want to keep coming to you. It’s a good idea to get to know your clients well and make sure all questions are answered as well as when the due date is so you know if you have enough time to complete all their demands on time or not.

Biggest Mistakes in WebDesign

I have never come across a site that hasn’t worked on another browser (thankfully) but if I did, I wouldn’t even know how to react. If you care about getting good clientele, websites should definitely work on every browser.

The Association of International Glaucoma Societies was super horrendous! I hope that site wasn’t serious because someone sadly put a TON of time into it all. Oh wow…

Genicap has a really lame layout for a homepage or whatever that was when you first go to the website. I couldn’t really tell what their website was about still within their “mission statement” until the very last paragraph. It should be sweet and simple not a paragraph.

The Mars Hill image doesn’t look anything like a church, since when did churches have sewing machines?

Contrast is a huge deal when making a website. Not everyone can see every color! Just because it “matches” does not mean that that color combination should go all together in one section on a website.  

Instead of using gray quotes on the GLBT he should have chosen maybe a white if he wanted to keep to that certain scheme. Or simply hire someone to choose colors for you if you’re that bad. Stick to programming!

With the Nielsen Norman Group it looks like what he said “They were authorized when making this” is most likely true. The programmer probably doesn’t see anything wrong with the site because it works perfectly well for them which will most likely lead to more frustration because the programmer will have to fix it and won’t know if it’s really working or not.

In today’s society people depend on the internet WAY too much for their advertising. It’s nothing like it used to be when people would go to the local grocery store and hang up ads on the local bulletin board, unless their pet is lost. Kind of sad. 

WOW the Accept Jesus one is all over the place! Why is there a random cat at the bottom left running? This website creeped me out. 

The Tampax website needs a little help with the sideways head tilting navigation, no way someone on their period is going to want to spend the time reading through those!

The University of Calgary website should be super ashamed considering they had people that ya know..are smart. I would not want to go to that school with a website looking like that; even though MATC’s is horrendous. That navigation would take way too much time. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like signing up for classes their. More meat?

Only thing I am going to say about Qualcomm’s navigation is that it’s not impressive having moving navigation. Just distracting and dumb looking. 

I remember about ten years ago I would go on postsecret.com and loved that website but now I realize that it is hard to read with the purple and black going on. I also didn’t really know how to navigate it. 

 Archive.org must have some ginormous computers and their text looks big to them or something. Wow, that’s tiny! My mouse can barely go over just one word without hitting two buttons. 

http://www.arngren.net/ looks like craigslist and amazon threw up on it! That’s all I can say.

Never click a “Click Here” unless it has a description on where it is taking you. Sometimes even then it’s to mess with you and possibly give you a virus..

I’ve always disliked flash. Most of the time I was on a site that had it took forever to load and it wasn’t anything that thrilling to look at.

The only place that should have GIF’s is if that website is for pure photos and posting like tumblr, imgur.com or even 4chan. A regular website should not have GIF’s on it!

The only reason you should use JS on a website is if you’re doing stuff such as making a reservation at a hotel and how many people are staying for how many nights and here’s your price. I had JavaScript last semester in school and it was an absolute bore! Not to mention its still boring when you’re looking at it. Worst code ever. 

Wireframes 03-26-2014

Reading the thumbnail sketches, I never really thought about a simple sketch being a wireframe even though you’re creating and putting something together.This should also take less time since it’s a sketch, some people go into detail with sketching but that kind of defeats the purpose of a sketch..

When people use tablets its nice because there’s no eraser dustings all over the place or need to sharpen a pencil. The person can just use their finger or stylus and easily erase it or start over, as well as change color. 

Welcome home, Ponyo :)

Welcome home, Ponyo :)